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Bienvenue au TANARGUE pour sa réouverture , à partir du vendredi 27 mars 2020 au soir !
Du vendredi 27 mars au jeudi 09 avril inclus , nous vous proposons nos tarifs préférentiels...

Gastronomic cuisine with the local best


Pleasures and savours await your return from fishing, long hikes and mountain-biking.Here you’ll breathe the scents of the seasons and relish freedom, the quality of life and refined cuisine.Fresh regional produce and traditional recipes are highlighted in a natural, privileged setting.To enhance your pleasure: a tastefully decorated dining room and a shaded terrace for summer lunches.A taste: Ardèche caillette meat balls, Ardèche Plateau deli meats, stuffed quail, boletus mushroom omelettes, golden trout meunière, chestnut-based dishes and more.In tune with the fare, an outstanding selection of wines.
For 3 generations, the spirit of cordiality and cheer has enlivened this enchanting establishment.

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